0.2 kW Power Electronics Training Systems
0.2 kW Power Electronics Training Systems

MODEL: 8032



The 0.2 kW Power Electronics Training Systems, Series 8032, are versatile and flexible training systems that cover many topics essential to any power electronics program. Note that these training systems closely match the Power Electronics Training System, Model 8010-A.

The 0.2 kW Power Electronics Training Systems use the same modular approach as the Electromechanical (EMS) Training Systems, Series 8001 and 8006. The modular design allows experiments other than those suggested in the courseware to be performed.

Although the modules in the training systems operate like industrial equipment, they are specially designed to meet the particular needs of students. The equipment is easy to set up and operate. Because all important circuit points are readily accessible through front-panel safety banana jacks, the interconnection between modules is simple and straightforward. In all modules, special attention has been given to circuit protection, thus making it possible to perform a great number of experiments with virtually no risk to the equipment. 

Voltage and current isolators allow students to safely observe on an oscilloscope (available separately) the high-level voltage and current waveforms found in power electronics circuits. The use of isolators allows the voltages and currents to be handled without risk of electric shocks, short circuits, or equipment damage. Conventional voltmeters, ammeters, power meters, a tachometer, and an electrodynamometer are provided for the measurement of electrical and mechanical parameters in power electronics circuits.

The courseware consists of a nine-volume educational program, as well as an equipment familiarization guide. The training program is divided into two separate sections: line-commutated and self-commutated converters, which use, respectively, power thyristors (SCRs) and power IGBTs or power MOSFETs.

Features & Benefits

  • Sturdy, industrial-grade system with high-quality components designed for hands-on training purposes
  • Safe system with no risk of electric shocks, short circuits, or equipment damage
  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • Symbols and diagrams representing the electrical components in each module are clearly silk-screened on the front panel
  • Complete set of computer-based instruments for the DACI are accessed through the Lab-Volt Data Acquisition and Control for Electromechanical System (LVDAC-EMS)
  • Modular, expandable equipment

Topic Coverage

  • Thyristor Circuits
  • PWM Chopper/Inverter Circuits
  • AC Network Control Systems
  • HVDC Power Systems
  • Thyristor DC Motor Drives
  • PWM DC Motor Drives
  • Thyristor AC Motor Drives
  • PWM AC Motor Drives
  • Industrial AC Motor Drives

List of equipment

Description System Number
0.2 kW Power Electronics – Analog Metering 8032-1
0.2 kW Power Electronics – Computer-Based Metering 8032-2
0.2 kW Power Electronics – Add-On to Model 8001 8032-A
0.2 kW Power Electronics – Add-On to Model 8006-1 8032-B

Optional Equipment

Qty Description System Number
1 Storage Shelves 8150-1
1 Full-Size Blank EMS Module 8160
1 Half-Size Blank EMS Module 8161
1 IGBT Chopper/Inverter 8837-B
1 Four-Quadrant Dynamometer/Power Supply 8960-B
1 Dust Cover for Model 8150 8992
1 0.2 kW Power Electronics Training System 29971-A


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