The TKA-209 Instructional Gas Permeameter is a basic teaching grade system that measures sample permeability to gas (air, nitrogen, or helium) by the steady-state method. The unit is designed to be operated manually from controls on the front panel. The TKA-209 is sold as a robust, long lasting teaching device but is built with components that will enable the accuracy and range necessary for research projects. Precision electronic pressure and flow rate measuring transducers produce accurate digital information on the front panel meters that are easily read without having to strain to read a vernier scale on a manometer. Permeability can be measured on plug samples from 0.1 millidarcies to >10 Darcies, depending on the size of the sample. This simple to operate system requires only a small amount of bench space and is very easy to use and understand in operation.
The operation manual provides concise procedures with detailed formulas and instruction photos. An Excel™ spreadsheet is included for easy calculation. The TKA-209 includes a CHLC-117 quick release, Hassler coreholder for 1.0 and 1.5 inch diameter core samples up to 3 inches long. This core holder enables measurements at confining pressures up to 500 psi.
·      Specially designed for university petroleum engineering laboratories.
·      Uses dual range electronic gas flow meters and pressure transducers for accuracy and repeatability.
·      Permeability measurements on plug size sample from <0.1 md to >10 Darcies.
·      Measures gas permeability by steady-state method.
·      Quick release Hassler coreholder for testing with 1.5" and 1.0" diameter cores, up to 3" long.
·      Maximum flow pressure: 50 psig
·      Maximum confining pressure: 500 psi
·      Differential pressure transducers: 0-10 and 0-100 psi
·      Flow meters: 0-50 and 0-1000 cc/min
·      Flow meter accuracy: Better than +/- 1.5%
·      External air or nitrogen source @ 100 psig maximum

·      Confining pressure gas source between 500 and 2500 psi. A Nitrogen cylinder is recommended

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