MODEL: 91005-2



The Semiconductor Devices training module contains nine circuit blocks pertaining to skills training in semiconductor circuits. After completion of the FACET programs in AC and DC Fundamentals and AC and DC Circuits and Analysis, students are ready to train on the semiconductor module.



Students in this program will be responsible for analyzing and troubleshooting the following circuits:

• Diodes and Half-wave Rectification

• Full-wave Rectification with Power Supply Filters

• Zener Diode Regulator

• Diode Waveshaping

• Voltage Doubler

• Transistor Junction

• PNP DC Bias

• Transistor Load Lines and Gain


Topic Coverage

  • Semiconductor Component Identification and Control of a Semiconductor Switch

  • Diode: DC Characteristics, Diode Waveshaping

  • Rectifiers: Half-Wave, Full-Wave Diode Bridge, Power Supply Filtering, Voltage Doubler

  • Zener Diode and Voltage Regulation

  • Transistor: Testing the Junctions, PNP Transistor Current Control Circuit, Emitter-Base Bias Potentials, Collector Current vs Base Bias, DC Circuit Voltages, Load Lines

  • Troubleshooting Basics and Troubleshooting the Semiconductor Devices Circuit Board

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