Computer-Assisted 0.2 kW Electromechanical Training System
Computer-Assisted 0.2 kW Electromechanical Training System

MODEL: 8006



The Computer-Assisted 0.2 kW Electromechanical Training System (EMS) is a modular program that allows laboratory observations in the study of electric power technology. The program incorporates various techniques used in industry to generate and use electrical energy. The courseware covers power circuits, transformers, and common ac/dc machines.

Developed by educators to satisfy educational requirements for industrial applications of electric power technology, this program has been designed for low-power (0.2 kW or ¼ hp) educational equipment that enables students to understand and safely operate industrial-type equipment. 

Careful attention to engineering details ensures laboratory results that are easy to understand, data values that are easily observed, and data which, when applied to governing formulas, provides results that verify electrical laws rather than deny them on the basis of large operational-tolerance errors.

Topic Coverage

  • Fundamentals for Electrical Power Technology
  • Alternating Current
  • Capacitors in AC Circuits
  • Inductors in AC Circuits
  • Power, Phasors, and Impedance in AC Circuits
  • Three-Phase Circuits
  • Single-Phase Transformer
  • Special Transformer Connections
  • Three-Phase Transformers
  • Fundamentals for Rotating Machines
  • DC Motors and Generators
  • Special Characteristics of DC Motors
  • AC Induction Motors
  • Synchronous Motors


List of equipment

Qty Description Model Number
1 Workstation 8134-2
1 DC Motor/Generator 8211
1 Four-Pole Squirrel-Cage Induction Motor 8221
1 Synchronous Motor/Generator 8241
1 Capacitor-Start Motor 8251
1 Universal Motor 8254
1 Resistive Load 8311
1 Inductive Load 8321


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