AC Power Transmission Training System
AC Power Transmission Training System

MODEL: 8010-B



The AC Power Transmission Training System combines a modular design approach with computer-based data acquisition and control to provide unrivaled training in ac power transmission systems to students having a basic knowledge in electric power technology (dc power circuits, single-phase ac power circuits, and single-phase power transformers). The system features the Data Acquisition and Control Interface, Model 9063, a state-of-the-art USB peripheral that greatly enhance the learning experience of students.

Training begins with the following two courses:

• Three-Phase AC Power Circuits

• Three-Phase Transformer Banks

These courses introduce students to the fundamentals of three-phase ac power circuits (wye and delta configurations, three-phase ac power measurement, phase sequence), as well as to the operating characteristics of three-phase transformer banks, which are an essential component in ac power transmission systems. Training continues with the main course of the AC Power Transmission Training System:

• AC Transmission Lines

This course is the core of the training system and introduces students to the characteristics and behavior of high-voltage ac transmission lines, as well as to the voltage compensation of these lines using switched shunt compensation (SSC). It covers a multitude of topics related to high-voltage transmission lines, such as voltage regulation characteristics, characteristic impedance, natural load, corrected PI equivalent circuit, power voltage curve, line length, and active power transmission.

Topic Coverage

  • Three-Phase Circuits
  • Three-Phase Power Measurement
  • Phase Sequence
  • Three-Phase Transformer Configurations
  • Voltage Regulation Characteristics
  • Voltage Compensation
  • Power Transmission Capacity
  • Voltage Compensation in Long AC Transmission Lines
  • Control of Active and Reactive Power Flow
  • Estimated program duration: 25 hours

List of equipment

Qty Description Model Number
1 Workstation 8134-2
1 Resistive Load 8311
2 Inductive Load 8321
1 Three-Phase Transmission Line 8329
3 Capacitive Load 8331
1 Three-Phase Transformer Bank 8348-4
1 Three-Phase Regulating Autotransformer 8349
1 Power Supply 8823
1 Connection Lead Set 8951-L


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