MMC Griflion M8 Pro, released by MMCUAV, is a 7.5kg VTOL fixed-wing mapping drone, which is different from common drones. To Aim at survey and mapping market, MMC focus on long duration, and long range ability at design stage, optimizing the detail of pneumatic control, and promote the power system.

Taking the advantage of modularized design, Griflion M8 Pro could be assembled in 1 minute with better user experience. The isolating payload chamber design could let the user switch payload between orthophoto camera and 3D-mapping camera quickly based on project demands.


  • 170-Min Flight Duration: Wih the large 25000mAh battery, Griflion M8 Pro can support both VTOL and multi-rotor modes, working for up to 170 minutes (without load).
  • Long Horizontal Cruise Battery-Friendly:​ One-key to set automatic vertical takeoff and land in the multi-rotor mode makes the drone available for different sites as it switches to fixed-wing mode automatically after takeoff.
  • Super Pilot: Paring with different batteries or cameras, Griflion M8 Pro’s maximum flight distance could increase to 190 km, and its single task area could reach over 10km² for land surveying and mapping.
  • 'Iron' Drone: Main body is made from carbon fiber and composite material to consolidate structure and reduce weight.
  • Centimeter-Accurate Positioning: Griflion M8 Pro supports RTK as well as PPK backward difference for high-precision centimeter-accurate takeoff and landing.


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