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Virtex-6 FPGA

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Embedded processing using FPGAs have become an integral part of a growing number of applications such as industrial networking and video applications, as well as closed-loop control systems in the industrial and Aerospace & Defense markets. The combined value of parallel processing performance, design reuse, the mitigation of design risk and obsolescence, and the lower cost, weight, area and power resulting from the deeper levels of integration (made even more attractive by the continuing march toward smaller and smaller process nodes) has fueled this trend to a seemingly unavoidable conclusion—the FPGA is becoming the platform of choice for future embedded design in these markets. The Virtex®-6 FPGA Embedded Kit is based on the Virtex-6 LX240T FPGA, this kit contains an extensible development board and the key Tools & IP needed for embedded development. The Reference Designs and software/hardware tutorials provided with this kit will give a jump-start to your development. If you are a software developer, you can now get started in a familiar Eclipse IDE without running any FPGA hardware design tools. For Japan Customers Only, please order number: EK-V6-EMBD-G-J through your local Japan distributor. What's Included * ROHS compliant ML605 Base Board including the XC6VLX240T-1FFG1156 FPGA * ISE® Design Suite: Embedded Edition (device-locked for the Virtex-6 LX240T FPGA) o Embedded Development Kit (EDK) + Platform Studio (XPS) + Software Development Kit (SDK) (Eclipse-IDE) + MicroBlaze™ Soft Processor Core o ISE Design Suite: Logic Edition (Device-locked to Virtex-6 LX240T FPGA) + ISE Foundation with Simulator (ISim) + Xilinx CORE Generator™ System + PlanAhead™ Design Analysis Tool + ChipScope™ Pro and the ChipScope Pro Serial I/O Toolkit * Ecosystem OS/RTOS Support o Linux, uC/OS-II, Treck * Documentation o Hardware Setup Guide o Getting Started Guide o Hardware Development Tutorial o Software Development Tutorial o MicroBlaze Processor Sub-System datasheet * Cables & Power o Universal 12V power supply o Two USB cables – for JTAG download/debug and UART communication o One Ethernet cable – for host communication o One DVI-VGA adapter – standard interface for video display * Targeted Reference Design o MicroBlaze Processor Sub-System design that integrates the following key Embedded processing IP: + 32-bit MicroBlaze Soft Processor # Integrated Memory Management Unit (MMU) # 16KB Instruction & Data Caches # JTAG Debug interface # 100Mhz clock frequency + Memory # Multi-Port Memory Controller (MPMC) connected to 128 MB of 800 Mbps DDR3 memory # Flash memory controllers connected to 32Mbytes of NOR Flash memory + High-Performance I/O Peripherals # Gigabit Ethernet (Tri-Mode Ethernet MAC – TEMAC) # UART 16550 # I2C, SPI – Serial Interface IP # General Purpose Parallel I/O + Infrastructure IP # Dual 32-bit Timers # Interrupt Controller # Bus infrastructure, Clock and Reset Management IP * USB Flash Drive o All reference designs, demos, and documents are delivered on a USB stick. Key Features * Targeted Reference Design – MicroBlaze Processor Sub-System * Includes all the development tools needed to support Embedded Hardware & Software Development * In-depth step-by-step Hardware and Software Tutorials * Strong Ecosystem support If you have product or sales related questions, please check the FAQ. For other inquiries, please open a Webcase. Xilinx offers a 90-day limited warranty on this product. See Limited Warranty for detailed information.
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